The School of Rhetoric’s primary objective is cultivating students’ abilities to articulate the integrated knowledge they have acquired clearly and persuasively and to apply the knowledge wisely and purposefully in various life situations based on the biblical worldview.
The senior year culminates in Senior Thesis, where students demonstrate a broad knowledge of related subjects by presenting and defending their 20-minute topically controversial speech before a panel of judges. A thesis presentation is required for a diploma.
The school year is divided into two semesters, with comprehensive examinations at the end of each term. There are seven class periods each day from 7:50 a.m. until 2:40 p.m. While no advanced coursework is specifically available in the School of Rhetoric, many of our classes like Calculus and Rhetoric II, are considerably more advanced compared to standard classes in the US. Therefore, it would be appropriate to call these “Honors” level classes.

Curriculum Map for 9th to 12th Grade


Grade History and Social Sciences English Language & Literature Mathematics Bible Natural Science Indonesian Studies Fine Arts/ Physical Education, Electives Classical
10 Medieval History Grammar; Composition; Medieval Literature Advanced Algebra Church History Chemistry I; Biology I Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia; Sejarah Indonesia Modern Awal Weekly enrichment classes at all grade levels. Physical Education is taught at all grade levels. Advanced Logic
11 Renaissance to Revolution; Geography*); Sociology*); Grammar; Composition; Literature from Renaissance to Revolution Precalculus and Trigonometry Introduction to Theology Physics; Biology II; Chemistry II Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia; Sejarah Indonesia Modern Rhetoric I
Accounting *) *)
12 Modern History; Economics*) Grammar; Composition; Modern Literature Calculus *) Worldview and Apologetics Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia Rhetoric II