5 to 18 Kids infographic updated May 6

Physical Activity for Young People during Covid-19

Physical activity has numerous immediate health benefits, such as improved sleep and school performance. Exercise also offers mental health benefits as it is an excellent outlet for children to deal with stressors and has been shown to reduce the risk of mood disorders and anxiety. Sports and physical activity often results in improved self-esteem. Additionally, while there are no studies specifically related to the risk of COVID infection, scientific studies suggest that physical exercise results in fewer infections amongst children. Assisting your child in developing optimal habits at an early age makes it more likely they live an active, healthy lifestyle as an adult.

As parents, you can choose what kind of activities that will make your child physically active during the pandemic according to their ability or skill. These fun physical activities listed below can be done with family members or online friends. Have a fun sports time with your kids..


Warm Regard,
Augustria Hariningtias