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CHILD SAFETYRaising a Concern

The CBCS Child Protection Policy is a new policy document which outlines guidelines and standards to ensure child safety for all students. This document establishes clear terminology and strategies to keep students safe from harm. CBCS trains faculty and contracted workers in child safety topics and prevention with outsourced and in-house training on an annual basis. The CBCS Safeguarding Code of Conduct is an agreement each employee and contracted worker must sign before being allowed oversight or responsibility for any CBCS student. Finally, the policy document explains how anyone can raise a concern about a CBCS student to the Child Safety Lead for follow-up in a confidential way that ensures all individuals involved are supported and cared for well.

Please Note: The term “child” or “children” is used to define any student(s) enrolled at CBCS regardless of age including those 18 years or older.
The safeguards established in the CBCS Safeguarding Code of Conduct are intended to do the following:

  • Provide a safe environment for children.
  • Ensure that adults model safe and healthy interactions with children.
  • Protect those interacting with children from invalid reports of inappropriate behavior.

CBCS Child Protection Policy (Eng)
CBCS Child Protection Policy (Ind)
CBCS Safeguarding Code of Conduct