Parents Liaison exists to foster a sense of community and to encourage the building of lasting relationship between our school and our families. For the naming purposes, the Early Childhood, Grammar School and SOL Parent Liaison are called the Homeroom Mom and the School of Rhetoric Parent Liaison are called Parent Connector. Parent Liaison is a representative in each class, who:

  • Promoting the school vision, mission, and values to parents.
  • Foster a sense of community among parents.
  • Circulating information about school events to parents.
  • Actively encouraging parents' involvement in school events.
  • Helping teacher/staff.

Parent Volunteerism

The family atmosphere and efficiency of Cahaya Bangsa Classical School thrives on the extensive involvement of our parents. Some ways that parents are involved are but not limited to: Parent Liaison, guest speakers or lesson participants, field trip hosts or chaperones, campus work days, committee volunteers, classroom helpers, library helpers, social events chairperson and committees. Contact our PR Department for more information.
Each class (Early Childhood, Grammar School, and School of Logic) will have a Homeroom Mom and for The School of Rhetoric, each grade level, will have a Parent Connector. All liaisons are valuable helpers to the classroom teacher.
Each parent liaison is responsible for the following duties:
Assisting with school programs organization (Christmas, Ministry Month, Reading Month, etc)
Communicating with parents by email and phone, especially in cases of emergency.
Assisting teachers with special events or projects as needed
Calling parents with volunteer needs (i.e. chaperones for field trips, donations for projects)
It is not the responsibility of the homeroom mom or parent connector to field questions or complaints about the classroom. All such matters need to be taken up with the teacher as soon as they occur. Please do not put your parent liaison in the place of a “go-between” or “referee.”