CBCS Family

CBCS community consists of all the students, parents, faculties, administrators, and staff that all taken together make up the CBCS Family. We strive to ensure that everyone in CBCS Family work together toward the school’s vision and mission while holding on to the core values.

Parents and teachers are partners in the education of the children. CBCS understands the struggles of parents as they try to train their child at home in the pursuit of academic goals and also to see the children grow spiritually.

CBCS holds regular Parent Seminars by inviting prominent speakers and experts in the field. We also have regular Growing Kids In God’s Way classes, where several families gather together in small groups to learn parenting with biblical values.

Parents are actively involved in many activities in school’s events and activities, either as chaperones during field trips, volunteers in various events or in gathering in prayer groups.

If any of our families experiences through a season of financial difficulties and in need of help to pay for the education of their children at CBCS, the school provides a means through a program called Tolong Anak-anak (TAA). Through this program, all families in CBCS can contribute to help each other so their children can receive education at CBCS during the difficult times.

The family of CBCS extends also beyond our school as we are actively helping other Christian schools in many parts of Indonesia by training the teachers and helping the schools succeed. This is one of the ways we try to achieve our mission to become a model for classical Christian education in Indonesia.