The CBCS School of Rhetoric

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The CBCS School of Rhetoric is comprised of 153 students from Grade 10 to Grade 12. It is the capstone of CBCS Classical Education. This is where the students are trained to become future leaders equipped with Christian worldview and technical skills to go out into the world and become culture changers. Building on the first two stages of the Classical Trivium, students in the “rhetoric stage,” will learn to write and speak with confidence and originality. They learn to apply the rules of logic to the basic information learned in the early grades.

In School of Rhetoric students will start to specialize in branches of knowledge that interest them whether in Natural Sciences or Social Sciences.

The School of Rhetoric’s primary objective is cultivating students’ abilities to articulate the integrated knowledge they have acquired clearly and persuasively and to apply the knowledge wisely and purposefully in various life situations based on the biblical worldview.

In Grade 11, the students conduct research and write a paper in Bahasa Indonesia on topic of their choice with the advice of the faculty members. They present their paper before their classmate and a panel of jury consisting of faculty members.

The senior year culminates in Senior Thesis, where students demonstrate a broad knowledge of related subjects by presenting and defending their 20-minute topically controversial speech in English before a panel of judges. With the training in writing and presenting their Senior Thesis students will be able to express conclusions in clear, compelling, elegant language.

The School of Rhetoric building includes three science labs, a computer lab shared with the School of Logic. Each classroom has video projection capabilities designed to support an individual teacher’s instructional style. In July 2018, video online learning facility was opened to allow Grade 12 students learn in classroom with lecturer’s from the US. Each student in School of Rhetoric is loaned an Apple iPad for their use in all their classes. The iPad contains student textbooks and apps to enhance their learning.

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