Early Childhood Overview

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The CBCS Early Childhood has 128 students from Preschool to Kindergarten 2. Our classical, Christian curriculum is founded upon child development principles that are age appropriate and wholistic.
We teach Bible, Math, Language Arts, Character, and Thematic Units daily across all grade levels. We enrich the students experience through weekly music, art, and physical education to develop fine motor and gross motor skills.
All subject are taught within an integrated biblical worldview. Our nurturing school environment promotes and inspires a love for learning and strong character development. Our students learn how to interact with others, practice self-help skills, and grow in independence. They learn to follow classroom expectations and routines, as well as develop friendships. Each child is able to experience God's love as they express themselves academically,  emotionally, and spiritually.

Preschool Language Arts:
Songs, poems, and nursery rhymes, picture book stories related to unit studies, pre-writing skills
Pre-Math Skills:
One-to-one correspondence, counting, sorting, matching, patterns
Field Trips:
Bale Seni Barli, Jendela Alam, Little Farmer, Retirement House, Mie Naripan

Language Arts: identify the alphabet, phonics, moving from pre-writing skills to letter formation & writing your name, enjoying daily picture book stories related to unit studies
Math:  Saxon Math K- calendar, numbers 1-10, sorting, matching, graphing, patterns
Field Trips: Sanggar Mekar Asih, Bandung Zoo, Train Station, Visiting PAUD near Kota Baru Parahyangan, Fire Station

Language Arts:  Phonics - letter sounds & blending, reading consonant - vowel - consonant and silent e words, basic story comprehension, handwriting lesson for sentence, enjoying daily picture book stories related to unit studies
Math:  Saxon Math K
Field Trips: Junior Culinary Academy, Bale Seni Barli, Ride Bandros Bus around Bandung, RUTH ( Rumah Untuk Tumbuh Harapan), Taman Babakan Siliwangi & Teras Cikapundung

Minimum Entrance Standards :
1. At least 3 years old by July 1st
2. Toilet-trained
3. Able to feed self 

1. At least 4 years old by July 1st
2. Able to sit or participate in group activities
3. Knows some colors, shapes, letters, and numbers 

1. At least 5 years old by July 1st
2. Able to hold and use pencil correctly
3. Able to write name, recite alphabet, and count to 10 

Note: In the best interest of our new students, children applying to Early Childhood will participate in a screening which gives the teachers an overall view of the child’s readiness and skill level. 

1. Early Childhood Area
2. Eight spacious classrooms
3. Playground, mini soccer field
4. Indoor Gym and Chapel Room 

Parents Participation:
CBCS believes in “In Loco Parentis,” which means that the school supports parents in training and teaching their children in the way of the Lord. We can only be effective when we work together to establish mutual goals, clear communication, and most of all,a shared trust.