Re-Enrollment Announcement

Re-Enrollment at CBCS is not automatic. Only qualified returning students will be given priority in enrollment. The Re-Enrollment Package link will be sent via email on October 2, 2020 to each family. The Re-Enrollment Intention Form must be submitted online no later than October 9, 2020.


Daftar Ulang

Pendaftaran ulang di CBCS tidak terjadi secara otomatis. Hanya siswa-siswi yang memenuhi syarat saja yang akan diberikan prioritas pendaftaran ulang. Daftar Ulang akan dikirimkan secara online kepada setiap keluarga pada tanggal 2 Oktober 2020. Tautan formulir daftar ulang harus diisi secara online paling lambat tanggal 9 Oktober 2020.


Excerpt from  the 2020-2021 The Standard, Parent-Student Handbook, p. 22

Re-enrollment at CBCS is not automatic. Qualified returning students will be given priority in enrollment. Students are expected to earn their place in the school each year. Those students who continue to have academic difficulty or who persist in negative, uncooperative, or non-productive attitudes or behavior may be denied re-enrollment. These decisions are made only after full discussion with the student's teacher and parent notification. The school may decline to re-enroll a student based upon conduct by the student or his family that the school deems to be detrimental to its mission. The school reserves the right to request withdrawal of any student who does not meet its academic requirements or fails to conform to its rules and regulations.